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The French Red Cross Foundation is a research foundation dedicated to humanitarian and social action. A foundation of public utility (FRUP), it represents the will of the French Red Cross to promote scientific knowledge, ethical reflection and social innovation in order to advance action in the service of the most vulnerable.

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The French Red Cross Foundation supports research on humanitarian and social action by awarding about 10 postdoctoral fellowships each year. Consult our current calls for applications!

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The French Red Cross Foundation is involved at the most local level to invent the humanitarian and social action of tomorrow. You can accompany us in this project. Discover all the ways to act with us.


The Foundation strives to disseminate the knowledge generated by its research activities as widely as possible, in particular through the production of quality, open access publications.

29 August 2023

Rediscover the core of 10 years of research on...

Un Papier de la Fondation (article scientifique)  🕮 Lire le Papier de la Fondation de Djiby SAMBOU docteur en science de l’environnement (février 2020) Un Pratiques & Humanités (policy brief) 📑 Lire le Pratiques & Humanités d’Yves Mazabraud, géologue (mars 2023) Un épisode d’En-Quête d’Humanité (podcast) 🎙️ Ecouter le podcast inédit avec Annabelle Moatty, docteure en...

25 July 2023

Special International Conference 10 years of the Foundation

In 2023, the Foundation is celebrating ten years of research at the heart of vulnerability in France and abroad. To mark the occasion, it is organizing an international conference in Paris on Thursday October 26, in partnership with the Institut de recherche pour le développement and Sciences Po's School...

21 July 2023

3 questions for Tetiana Stoianova, Ukrainian researcher in exile...

Tetiana Stoianova, Doctor of Law from the University of Odessa, came to France as a refugee as part of the PAUSE programme (Programme for the emergency reception of scientists in exile) and received a research fellowship from the Foundation

21 July 2023

Analysing the effects of the Ukrainian crisis on individuals...

With the Ukrainian crisis, the Foundation studies various research methodologies that can be applied in real-time emergency situations and that allow for the collection of information and first-hand reports of experiences

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