Thanks to the generosity of its donors, the French Red Cross Foundation supports research excellence in humanities and social science and is committed to building the future of humanitarian and social action.

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How else can I make a donation ? 

• On the Foundation’s bank account . Download the Foundation’s banking details

• Please specify the purpose of the transfer: Donation of “NAME” “First Name” to the French Red Cross Foundation

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• Adressed to the French Red Cross Foundation,
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French Red Cross Foundation

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When an association or endowment fund disappears, all remaining assets are transferred to another endowment fund or a foundation recognized for its public utility.

Thus, if your structure plans to dissolve, you may decide to transfer the remaining assets to the French Red Cross Foundation in order to support a programme that is in line with its social purpose, territories of intervention, values or principles. In this case, the decision-making body of the association or endowment fund in question must decide on the allocation of these assets

We can assist you with the procedure and the second life of your organization’s assets. Contact us for more information.

The gift on the estate consists in giving the whole or part of an inheritance that one receives, as part of an estate. This wealth can be movable (securities, shares, etc.) or real estate (an apartment, etc.).

Why donate to the estate?

In many cases, the beneficiaries of an inheritance have to pay an estate fee that can be significant (up to 55% of the inheritance), within 6 months. By donating to an estate, you can reduce your estate costs.

It is important to note that only foundations recognized as public utilities are eligible to receive a donation on real estate estates.

For more information, contact your notary directly or the French Red Cross Foundation.

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