Do you want to support innovation in social and humanitarian action? The French Red Cross Foundation is looking for private and public partners in order to build projects with high social impacts. To encourage sectoral collaboration in the production of knowledge, we try to integrate the different parties involved in humanitarian and social action into our mission.


A tailored offer

We are seeking commitment from the private sector and corporate foundations, by inviting them to join our community. We also wish to work with public actors (local and regional authorities, agencies, institutes) in France and internationally, in order to develop common projects. Whatever the extent of your commitment, we can offer a partnership tailored to suit it

• Funding of programmes and research prizes (60% of donations are deductible, to a maximum of 0,5% of your turnover);
• Sponsoring of events;
• Skills-based sponsorship (recoverable as tax deductions);
• Sponsorship of service provision.

Your primary contact

Badreddine El Maroudi

Development Officer

Tel : +33 1 40 71 16 37