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Researchers at the service of the most vulnerables

Since 2018, the Foundation has been conducting research on food aid distributed by associations helping the most vulnerable. Indeed, it is difficult to be familiar with the practices of the beneficiaries, particularly migrants, and to understand their needs. For example, should we distribute hot dishes or food packages? Where and when should aid be distributed?

“The research conducted by the Foundation should enable us to better understand the dietary practices of migrants and their representations with regard to the food aid offered by associations, in order to adapt our activities to their needs and life paths, by placing respect for dignity at the heart of our mechanisms”.


Food Aid Manager at the French Red Cross

With this research and its recommendations, we will be able to provide a more effective and responsive assistance.


More anticipation for more efficiency


There is always an umergency when it comes to helping the most vulnerable among us. Yet, like medicine, humanitarian and social action cannot be effective and sustainable without the support of research.

Each year, we support French-speaking researchers from around the world and accompany them to conduct excellent field research, as close as possible to the realities.

At the end of this research, concrete and direct results are shared with NGOs and Red Cross teams in the field to improve their actions.


A valued act of generosity

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