The French Red Cross Foundation is committed to working as close to the field as possible, to invent the humanitarian and social action of the future. By supporting us, you are contributing to creating more innovative, efficient and sustainable humanitarian and social action. Join our community!

Supporting Research for Innovative and Sustainable Action

When it comes to responding to the suffering of the most vulnerable, time is always of the essence. As a result, in France and internationally, it is operations which come first in the aid sector, and immediate action which seems most important. And yet, as is the case in medicine and in a number of other fields, humanitarian and social action cannot be effective or lasting unless it is built on research. For a sector which is constantly changing, confronting new and evolving crises, contexts and needs, it is essential to take the time to adapt, anticipate, and create new models. Therefore, if saving lives is a priority, supporting actions through research is a necessity.

Funding Independent Social Science Research into Vulnerabilities

Only the social sciences allow for a detailed understanding of the contexts of intervention, the roles of different organisations, the behaviours and perceptions of fragile populations. By supporting the French Red Cross Foundation, you are supporting the work of independent researchers from academic institutions in every continent and specialised in intervention areas, who analyse social and humanitarian action where it is deployed and give a voice to those in greatest need. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to contribute to more sustainable action, which is based on critical reflection and which includes the voices of aid recipients in order to constantly innovate and improve.

Donations with High Social Value

The research that we support has many areas of application and very high social impacts. Emergency international aid, the struggle against hunger, poverty and exclusion, migratory phenomena, health protection, climate change, social innovation and SSE… These topical themes, included for the most part in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, are the subject of our research and the direct investment of your donations.

Commit with Confidence

The Foundation was created by the French Red Cross. It is therefore built on 150 years of history, 59 000 volunteers, 18 000 employees and 1019 local institutions, which make the Red Cross one of the major organisations for humanitarian and social aid in France and internationally. As well as being a state-approved organisation, the Foundation is also part of the heritage of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, with which it shares the fundamental principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, unity, independence, volunteering and universality. For this reason, the Foundation places great emphasis on the trust of its contributors. We are regularly monitored in order to guarantee the exemplary management and transparent use of your donations. We choose and follow our funded researchers with the same care, in order to ensure the production of sound knowledge and flawless functioning.

Join a Lively and Multidisciplinary Community

At the heart of our mission is the will to create a space for debate and discussion, enriched by the diversity of backgrounds and the overcoming of disciplinary boundaries. We bring together researchers, operational workers engaged in social and humanitarian action in France and abroad, entrepreneurs from the social and solidarity economy, public institutions and private sector players. By supporting our actions, you will come into direct contact with this international community. You will be regularly informed of the progress of the projects that you are supporting, invited to Foundation events, and will be able to discuss directly with our team, and with our partner researchers and experts.

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