The Red Cross Foundation supports the work of researchers from the design stage of their research project up to the promotion of their work. Its mission unfolds according to four main objectives :

Support research in the humanities and social sciences

The Foundation aims to mobilise the scientific community in the service of suffering populations, in developed and developing countries, in order to provide practical and sustainable solutions.
With this goal in mind, we fund and support independent Francophone researchers, focusing primarily on nationals from the countries under study, by awarding postdoctoral fellowships. Valid for one year, they cover a number of social science disciplines such as sociology and anthropology, and are organised according to themes common to humanitarian and social action.
We also reward scientific excellence and human commitment, through research prizes. Awarded during the Foundation’s international events, they can celebrate an remarkable career or encourage promising research in the making.

Promot research work in the field of humanitarian and social action

Beyond funding research, we also aim to disseminate the knowledge produced, in order to provide access for all actors to the expertise and practices which stem from the Foundation’s collaborative work. Using different formats (books, reviews or online articles), our publications are freely accessible, and available in English, in order to ensure international access.

Provide Training and support NGOs

By mobilising our expert researcher networks, we raise awareness amongst future political and community decision-makers concerning the requirements for sustainable humanitarian and social action, through quality training.
We also support NGOs, associations and actors of the social and solidarity-based economy, at all stages of their programmes. By establishing academic partnerships, we help them develop innovative programmes and evaluate their actions.

Foster Debate

In order for research to bear fruit, we are convinced of the necessity to develop exchanges and encouraging collaboration between the worlds of research, action and public and private finance. To this end, we organise scientific events in France and abroad, in order to foster debate on the themes of the Foundation.