One of the Foundation’s main objectives is to create spaces for discussion and debate regarding priority issues in the sector of humanitarian aid and social innovation. With this in mind, we organise several major events every year, in France and internationally. These events gather together researchers, representatives of civil society, and institutional actors, along with our partners, in order to provide a space for dialogue between committed specialists. We thereby hope to encourage free, open and challenging discussions, where the diversity of knowledge, practices and principles allows for the emergence of innovative models.

Enabling meetings and dialogue between committed specialists: L’instant Recherche

To pursue its mission of creating debate between researchers, representatives of civil society and institutional stakeholders in times of health crisis, in 2020 the Foundation created a new videoconference event, “L’Instant recherche”. Today, it is essential to enable meetings and dialogue between committed specialists, to encourage open, free and demanding exchange, where the diversity of knowledge, practices and principles enables the emergence of innovative models.

5 December 2023

“Gender and humanitarian action”: replay available online

A look back at the ninth edition of the "Gender and humanitarian action" research event.

21 July 2023

“From humanitarian emergency to resilience”: the replay is available...

Retour sur la septième édition de l’Instant recherche, qui a réuni en visioconférence trois chercheurs pour discuter de l’expérience migratoire au prisme des sciences sociales.

14 December 2022

“Exiles and host systems: the migratory experience through the...

A look back at the seventh edition of our "Instant recherche" webinar, which brought together three researchers to discuss the migratory experience through the prism of social sciences

24 May 2022

“Humanitarian action and access to health: what new models...

A look back at the sixth edition of the Instant Recherche webinar, which brought together three researchers via videoconference to discuss access to care, challenges and innovations for humanitarian actors

Bringing together international aid players and researchers: the Foundation’s annual conference

Each year, the Foundation organises a conference in one of the geographical areas defined as being a priority by the governing body. We invite local and international actors who carry out humanitarian and social action in the country. Gathering around a hundred people in thematic round-table discussions, the seminars provide the opportunity to reflect on issues that are specific to the area, alongside those who are working most closely with the affected populations.

15 December 2023

“Humanitarian Transition: current status of a concept being challenged...

L’édition des 10 ans de la Conférence Internationale de la Fondation Croix-Rouge française s’est tenue le 26 octobre 2023 à Sciences Po sur le thème « Transition humanitaire : état d’une notion à l’épreuve des crises ».

2 February 2022

“Humanitarian transition in the Indian Ocean area”: Conference report...

Discover the report with concrete elements and recommendations for action.

22 February 2024

“Humanitarian transition in the Indian Ocean area”: Conference report...

Discover the report with concrete elements and recommendations for action.

7 November 2019

Kenya 2019: a successful first seminar in Anglophone Africa

The 6th edition of the Foundation's international seminar took place in Nairobi on 29 and 30 October. This first conference in English-speaking Africa is the result of a long collaborative work carried out by the Foundation with its partners: the International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs (ICHA) of the Kenyan...

Capitalizing on our research projects: The Foundation’s Annual Meetings

Each class of researchers supported by the Foundation’s grants is invited to the “Rencontres de la Fondation”, a day of debriefing and exchange on the themes that have driven the Foundation’s work that year. The “Etats de la Recherche” is an opportunity to bring together, in a prestigious setting, the community that supports the Foundation in its mission. Renowned international experts are also invited to provide a critical perspective on the research, enriching the debate with their vision and opening up new horizons for the Foundation’s thinking. The first two editions were co-organized with Le Monde Diplomatique. The 2018 edition was organized in collaboration with the French delegation to UNESCO, and took place at UNESCO headquarters.

31 January 2023

Rencontres 2022: Working on Social Ties

How to act on social ties? A comprehensive overview of the discussions and contributions brought by the panelists of the 2022 Meeting

31 January 2023

« Social ties make us stand upright »

Three questions to Marc-Henry Soulet, Professor of Sociology at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, regarding social ties and their definition

17 October 2022

Rencontres de la Fondation 2022: the social link in...

Review the detailed program of the day Disseminating the knowledge created This day was an opportunity to present the results of the work of the six researchers supported and accompanied by the Foundation between 2020 and 2022. The six laureates presented the main lines of their research before putting...

22 August 2022

Les Rencontres de la Fondation 2022 will take place...

As it does every year, at the end of the research grant laureates' work, the Foundation organises its annual scientific day. The 2022 edition will take place on 4 October.

Connecting research with civil society: Participation in various events

The French Red Cross Foundation also takes part in a number of other humanitarian and social action events. Through the organization of round tables or the presence of our representatives, we mobilize our expertise, promote our values and bear witness to the benefits of research.

9 April 2024

Working for and with people in precarious situations: a...

Photo credit : @ Maya Sensoy | French Red-Cross Foundation Access to healthcare is a real obstacle course for people living in precarious conditions, and has long been mythologised by the media and the political establishment, making it essential to understand it through action research. With this in mind,...

6 November 2023

The Foundation represents research in the humanities and social...

The Foundation was in Dhaka for the 7th IHSA international conference, where it organised a round table on the integration of research for humanitarian organisations

25 January 2023

Next “Pause Culture Recherche” on 8 Feb 2023 :...

La Fondation Croix-Rouge française, dans sa mission de favoriser la rencontre et les échanges entre les acteurs humanitaires et les chercheurs en sciences humaines et sociales, créé un nouvel événement : « La Pause Culture Recherche ». L'objectif de cette "pause" est ainsi d'incarner cette mission de manière concrète au...

6 December 2022

The Foundation attends the “Disability: the challenge of knowledge...

This day devoted to the restitution of the first 3 years of the “Clap sur la recherche” program was an opportunity for FIRAH to look back on this experience by presenting the multimedia spaces, the methodological guides and the resource space created within the framework of the program as...