One of the Foundation’s main objectives is to create spaces for discussion and debate regarding priority issues in the sector of humanitarian aid and social innovation. With this in mind, we organise several major events every year, in France and internationally. These events gather together researchers, representatives of civil society, and institutional actors, along with our partners, in order to provide a space for dialogue between committed specialists. We thereby hope to encourage free, open and challenging discussions, where the diversity of knowledge, practices and principles allows for the emergence of innovative models.

The Seminar on Humanitarian Transition and Ethical Reflection

Each year, the Foundation organises a seminar in one of the geographical areas defined as being a priority by the governing body. We invite local and international actors who carry out humanitarian and social action in the country. Gathering around a hundred people in thematic round-table discussions, the seminars provide the opportunity to reflect on issues that are specific to the area, alongside those who are working most closely with the affected populations.

28 October 2019

2019 International Conference: Humanitarian Transition in Kenya

On 29 and 30 October, the Foundation will be in Nairobi for the 6th edition of its annual international conference.

Humanitarian Transition: “Les États de la Recherche”

Each year-group of researchers supported by the Foundation’s fellowships is invited to the “États de la Recherche”, a day of presentations and discussions around the Foundation’s action themes of that year. Based on the work carried out by the fellowship-holders, the “États de la Recherche” brings together the Foundation’s community in a prestigious setting. Renowned international experts also take part, providing a critical perspective on the research, enriching the debate with their visions and opening up new horizons for the reflection led by the Foundation. The first two events were co-organised with Le Monde Diplomatique.

La localisation de l’aide en débat à la journée...

Les états de la recherche sont l'occasion de présenter devant un large public les conclusions des travaux de nos chercheurs puis de lancer un débat autour d’experts reconnus. Le thème qui a animé les échanges cette année : « la localisation de l’aide internationale, discours et réalités du transfert...

Other events

The Foundation’s 2021 Research Awards were given today

Three laureates with exemplary backgrounds were honored in 2021 with a Foundation research award.

4th NHC: issues at the heart of the Foundation’s...

The Foundation took part in the 4th edition of the National Humanitarian Conference (NHC), which took place on March 22nd in Paris. The conference, which was opened by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, officially launched France’s humanitarian strategy until 2022, following several months...