As part of its mission to support research and the dissemination of knowledge, the French Red Cross Foundation develops partnerships with universities in France and internationally, in order to set up study, research and training programmes about humanitarian and social action. Designed for students specialised in this field of action, or for aid professionals, these programmes aim to introduce them to social science research methods, teach them how to mobilise scientific resources to challenge their (future) practice, and nourish their critical reflection on the sector’s issues and developments.

Training at the Université Senghor (Alexandria, Egypt)

The Université Senghor, a direct operator of the Francophone community, offers multidisciplinary and multi-thematic training dedicated to sustainable development in the context of globalisation. As part of its Masters in Development, which brings together future decision-makers from a number of African countries, the Foundation set up a two-day training course, led by researchers and experts from its networks, which enables students to deepen their understanding of humanitarian operations and their issues.

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Partnership with the Economix Laboratory

The French Red Cross Foundation has signed a convention with Economix, a research laboratory in economic sciences at the Université Paris Nanterre and CNRS, for the hosting of a Nigerien laureate from the 2017 year-group. Thanks to the Foundation’s funding and this partnership, the researcher therefore benefited from the support of Economix in order to carry out her research in the best possible conditions.