As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the French Red Cross has set up the “Red Cross at your place” initiative, which aims to support isolated people in this time of crisis, via a single telephone line that offers, on the one hand, a moral and psychological support and, on the other hand, a home delivery service for basic necessities (food, hygiene products, medicines).

The objectives of this research project will be to:

  1. Detect and understand new forms of volunteer involvement or the transformation of existing forms of volunteering, whether among FRC volunteers or new individuals who volunteer on an ad hoc basis through the platform’s recruitment module or to be ” listeners ” in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic; sociological analysis of profiles and types of trajectories of Red Cross volunteers ;
  2. Detect and understand new forms of vulnerability; analyse the changes induced by the pandemic and by the lockdown on the situation of vulnerable and isolated people, in terms of social ties, economic precariousness, physical and psychological health; analyse how this period of crisis reveals fragilities that were not necessarily taken into account before;
  3. Analyse from a sociological point of view the nature of the social relations at work between the “Red Cross at your place” staff and the people using the programme.