Research project

RCCOVID: Red Cross health care, support and first aid actors and care continuity in the Covid-19 pandemic

The objective of this project is to conduct an anthropological study among the care and social action support actors (ASAS) of the French Red Cross ( FRC) in order to determine the factors influencing their individual motivations and to develop measures to promote this motivation. The specific objectives will be to :

  1. Document the responsibilities and working practices of ASASs within care structures and elsewhere;
  2. Assess individual preparedness and training, material resources available and working conditions affecting ASAS;
  3. Analyse the influence on the motivation of ASAS exerted by debates about the nature of Covid, its modes of transmission and its long-term consequences, as well as the interventions proposed to prevent and treat the disease;
  4. Co-develop communications with the FRC to respond to doubts and concerns about the disease and its devices emerging from the study;
  5. Co-formulate interventions with the FRC to counter the challenges in the field and ensure the continuity of the motivation and activities that these actors provide.