Throughout 2023, each month we bring you a selection of our most emblematic work (scientific articles, videos, podcasts, events, meetings…) in each of our priority thematic research areas. This month, we focus on the topic “epidemics”.

Un Papier de la Fondation (scientific article)

 🕮    Read the Foundation Paper by  Emilie MOSNIER, Doctor of Epidemiology (december 2022)

Un Pratiques & Humanités (policy brief)

📑 Read Pratiques & Humanités by Alexandra RAZAFINDRABE, Doctor of Economics

A scientific article on the subject

 📗 Discover the Alternative Humanitaire issue containing the article by Stéphanie MALTAIS, Doctor of International Development

Resarcher Portrait (video)

👤 Meet Vinh Kim NGUYEN, Doctor of Medicine and Medical Anthropology

Côte d’Ivoire Conference in 2015 (video)

🎥 Round Table: Transition humanitaire et éthique à l’épreuve d’Ebola with Marc EGROT, anthropologist and doctor, Anicet ZRAN, doctor in history et Walter KRA, doctor in sociology

  • Each month, a selection of the MOST EMBLEMATIC WORKS (scientific articles, videos, podcasts, events, etc.)
  • EVENTS open to all to participate in discussions on the place of research in supporting humanitarian and social action
  • A major INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, the culmination of the series of events and activities carried out throughout the year, with the objectives of taking stock of ten years of research and looking ahead to the future
  • A BOOK to be published in the fall, which will highlight the main scientific lessons resulting from research supported by the Foundation

Top photo: @IFRC