Research project

From informal living places to independent housing. Difficulties of individuals and migrant families in the welcoming process: analyses and proposals for solutions.

This research will explore how migrants (asylum seekers, refugees, asylum seekers, etc.) adapt to the reception system set up by the public authorities and managed locally by multiple humanitarian associations. The main questions addressed will concern the existential trajectories of each person, of each family, their profile, their condition in the present, their aspirations in terms of housing, professional and family projects, the difficulties encountered in achieving them, the actions taken to overcome or avoid these difficulties.

These observations will better inform us about the ways in which migrants perceive, accept, adapt to or divert or even refuse reception policies, preferring to leave the system imposed by the public authorities. At the crossroads of the social sciences and humanitarian and social action, the study will not only offer avenues for reflection but will also make it possible to develop concrete modes of action to improve the practices of reception of migrants, promote their active acceptance, make their accompaniment towards autonomy less problematic.