Research project

Research prize 2023
for his career devoted to the anthropology of health, and for his commitment to scientific associations

Alice Desclaux is a health anthropologist at the institut de recherche pour le développement. She has worked mainly in West Africa, studying the adaptation of medical systems to epidemics (HIV, Ebola, covid). Her research, whether operational or theoretical, in the field of public health or critical care, has focused on subjects such as medication, healing, social treatment of age- and gender-related vulnerabilities, therapeutic innovations and addictions. She has often carried out this work with North-South and multidisciplinary teams, and led networks for reflection and exchange in medical anthropology.



The French Red Cross Foundation’s Research Prizes are designed to promote scientific work that has already been completed, or innovative lines of thought devoted to humanitarian and social issues, in both the North and South. Open to all disciplines of the human and social sciences and to all nationalities, they reward scientific excellence and human commitment, promoting scientific knowledge, ethical reflection and social innovation to advance action in the service of the most vulnerable.