Research project

Research prize 2014
for his work on urban youth in West Africa

Mr. Thomas FOUQUET, anthropologist and researcher at the CNRS, is interested in urban youth in West Africa since the 1990s, particularly in the critical expressions emerging among young urbanites caught between local constraints and global aspirations. His work began with the Senegalese “Y en a marre” collective, a movement structured around citizen worksites that stimulate local involvement. He shows that traditional humanitarian action is increasingly being taken over by grassroots initiatives.



The French Red Cross Foundation’s Research Prizes are designed to promote scientific work that has already been completed, or innovative lines of thought devoted to humanitarian and social issues, in both the North and South. Open to all disciplines of the human and social sciences and to all nationalities, they reward scientific excellence and human commitment, promoting scientific knowledge, ethical reflection and social innovation to advance action in the service of the most vulnerable.