Research project

Transition - Action - National office for risks and disaster management

Madagascar, among the Least Developed Countries of the world, is the 3rd most vulnerable to climatic hazards after Bangladesh and India, and the 1st in Africa. It is the second country to suffer the most from hunger in 2014. Between 2009 and 2014, following the coup, a transitional political regime has been implemented during which the risks of violent conflict are established. Former pilot country in Risk and Disaster Management a decade ago, Madagascar is now in “humanitarian transition” monitored because of “political transition”.

Why ? How can we understand the whys of the State’s circumvention and wherefores of the transitional processes, including “financial transition”? What consequences for the failure to take into consideration the populations’ perceptions, requests and satisfaction – “democratic transition” – regarding the aid provided by the State and its international humanitarian partners? What “financial transition”?