During its 2021 General Assembly last September, the French Red Cross elected a new Board of Administrators and a new President. These elections led to changes in the governance of the Foundation, which welcomed new representatives of the founder to its own Board of Administrators. At the October meeting of the Foundation’s Board of Administrators, a new Bureau was elected.

Composition of the new Board

Founding Members College

  • Mr Philippe Da Costa
  • Mrs Françoise Malrieu
  • Mr Jean-François Valette
  • Mr Guillaume Lesage

Qualified Personalities College

  • Mr Marc Audrit
  • Mr Phillipe Guay
  • Mrs Christine Robichon
  • Mr Philippe Ryfman

Institutional Partners College

  • Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (represented by Mrs Anne Rasmussen)
  • Ecole des hautes études en santé publique (represented by Mrs Sylvie Ollitrault)
  • Institut de recherche pour le développement (represented by Mrs Cécile Grimaldi – interim)

Foundation Friends College

  • Mrs Françoise Fromageau

Bureau Members, elected on 6 October 2021

  • President : Mr Philippe Da Costa
  • Vice-President : Mrs Françoise Fromageau
  • Treasurer : Mr Philippe Guay
  • Secretary : Mr Guillaume Lesage
Mr Philippe Da Costa, new President of the French Red Cross Foundation

Action and reflection are essential to each other

“I am truly proud to chair the Foundation, which is intended to become a compass for humanitarian and social action, both in the world and in France, given the constant changes in society and the many crises. I know how essential the production of knowledge is, as I myself am an academic with a doctorate in educational sciences. Action and reflection are essential to each other. We cannot act without thinking, especially in the humanitarian field, as goodwill is not enough and sometimes does harm”.

Philippe Da Costa, in his election speech as President of the French Red Cross Foundation’s Board of Administrators

Photo credit © Matthieu Suprin