Research and Expertise Centres of the International Red Cross Movement met in Paris

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Les représentants des Centres de référence du Mouvement Croix-Rouge Croissant-Rouge réunis à Paris en février 2019

The French Red Cross Foundation organized on 13 and 14 February 2019 in Paris an international workshop in coordination with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) on the role of research and expertise within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, to adapt the practices and modalities of a changing social and humanitarian action.

“Modern medicine could collaborate with the matrons”

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The district of Ambovombe-Androy is strongly affected by climate hazards and food insecurity. Located in the south of Madagascar, it also provides an example of a traditional society which is deeply rooted in the lives of the population, with codified behaviours and social relationships. Tantely Andrianantoandro, Foundation research grantee, chose this context to study the conditions which would lead to an improvement in access to health services for pregnant women and their children.

“We must break with the duality between the traditional respectable economy and the corrupt Western model”

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Recherche Roberta Rubino Ouagadougou

In the context of development assistance, NGOs willingly lend their support to the “informal” sector. Analysing the micro-activities of the agro-food transformation in Ouagadougou, Roberta Rubino, Foundation research grantee, questions the strategy which aims to help traditional micro-activities at the expense of semi-industrial businesses. In her opinion, the choice of the survival economy is also the choice of the status quo. A status quo which maintains the state’s incapacity to act, which fixes society in a fantasised tradition and swallows up the hopes of young people, driven to resignation or exile. Roberta Rubino answers our questions.