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« Socio-economic analysis of the use of community-based care in Madagascar »

Marilys Victoire RAZAKAMANANA, PhD in Health Economy, tearcher/researcher at the Centre de Recherche pour le Développement, Catholic University Madagascar


The community care management was implemented in Madagascar in 2011. The aim was to overcome the problems of accessibility to care. However, although this program, many households still practice self-medication. Through this study, we looked for the causes of this weakness in the use of community care. Surveys were conducted in two districts of Madagascar. A comparative analysis between the different types of health care, in terms of cost, efficiency and quality of care offered was made. Socio-economic determinants of the use of community health worker (CHW) for children under 15 were also identified.

First, the households demand for health depends on their perception of health. Secondly, the services provided by private health centers satisfy the most households. But their services are the most expensive. In the second place, come the services provided by CHWs. The main determinants of the use of CHWs is the caregiver-care relationship, which is better than other types of care, the lack of waiting time during consultations and the low cost of services. Then, unavailability of materials and medicines demotivates the population to consult them.

Key words: Madagascar, demand for health, community health workers, socio-economic determinants.

Photo Credit: © Marilys Victoire Razakamanana