On Monday, November 28, 2022, the International Foundation for Applied Research on Disability (FIRAH) and its partners organized a meeting on the theme “Disability: the challenge of knowledge transfer” at the auditorium of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris.

This day devoted to the restitution of the first 3 years of the “Clap sur la recherche” program was an opportunity for FIRAH to look back on this experience by presenting the multimedia spaces, the methodological guides and the resource space created within the framework of the program as well as the podcast “Handicap: au défi du transfert des connaissances”. The meeting was punctuated by round tables on the feedback of Blandine Lacour and Maxime Huyghe (Director), participants in the program such as Muriel Delaporte, Stefan Spring and Yannick Ung and more generally on knowledge transfer.

The Red Cross Foundation, which is also committed to the transfer of knowledge from the research it supports, attended this informative day with interest. The focus on the podcast “disability: the challenge of knowledge transfer” was particularly relevant to the Red Cross Foundation, which is currently finalizing the preparation of its “Foundation podcasts”.