A groundbreaking book to mark the Foundation’s 10th anniversary (2013-2023)

The Essentiel Scientifique represents ten years in the life of the Foundation that we wanted to share through a publication that is halfway between a narrative and a scientific summary, and which brings together both elements of capitalization and forward-looking perspectives, on the priority research themes and territories of the Foundation.

The fruit of a constant dialogue among actors

Invitation to mutual learning and listening to Societies, it is the fruit of a collective knowledge adventure and a constant dialogue among men and women in the field, whether they are researchers, humanitarian workers, rescuers, or volunteers in social action. This dialogue has been built around their practices and methods, renewed towards the most vulnerable. This publication also marks a commitment to parity and diversity to move forward in a more inclusive way in the co-construction of research that is attentive to action and ethics. Discussing ten years of research means fostering the meeting of disciplines in the social sciences, professional sectors, and the academic world, of languages and concepts, of experiences and methods, to reach out to people who are fragile or made fragile, regardless of our respective paths. To embark us towards sustainable solutions, the book navigates through the reflections and debates led by the Foundation, its international community of laureates, and practitioners of humanitarian and social action at the foundation of its social utility.

Virginie Essentiel Scientifique Conférence internationale

Presentation and official launch of L’Essenteil scientifique at the Foundation special 10 year international conference in Paris on 26 October 2023

Some focuses on concepts from the social sciences

The transformation of crises and humanitarian action, health and epidemics, migrations and disasters, this Essential tackles the major global challenges that the international movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent has set for itself by 2030 and that the Foundation has established as priority research topics. The chapters are punctuated with focus concepts drawn from social science literature and researcher zooms that connect the work and paths of the scientists leading them. In addition to these themes, there is a reflection on subjects approached in a cross-cutting manner, foremost among which are commitment and social ties.

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