Les Papiers de la Fondation are articles written each year by the researchers supported by the Foundation. They present the findings of their research. As working papers, they are written according to academic standards for both specialised and general audiences, in order to foster wider debates.

N° ISSN 2649-2709

N° 35 - March 2022

Immersion in support structures for migrant populations in France: migrants and professionals facing SARS-CoV-2

• Authors : Anaïs TROUSSELLE Doctor in geography • Université Montpellier 3 • UMR ART-Dev and LMI MESO • Founder and partner of NARRAU
- Itane LACRAMPE-CAMUS • Doctor in geography, associate of NARRAU and associate researcher at the UMR ART-Dev
- Geneviève CORTES • Professor of Geography at the University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3, UMR ART-Dev
- Cécile JOUHANNEAU • Lecturer in political science at the University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3, UMR ART-Dev 
In French only translation in progress

N° 20 - March 2019

NGOs and the reconstruction of the public health system in northern Côte d’Ivoire: strategies for repositioning and collaboration

• Author : Toily Anicet ZRAN • PhD in HistoryAlassane Ouattara University, Bouaké (Cote d'Ivoire)

N°19 - May 2018

Configuration of “security principles” in the humanitarian field in Niger (2013-2016)

• Author: Tatiana SMIRNOVA • Doctor in Social Anthropology and Ethnology (EGESS) and associate researcher at the CESSMA

In French only

N°18 - May 2018

Humanitarian transition in the light of intimate relationships: “conjugal mixity” and appropriation of the “development rent” in Niger

• Author: Amalia DRAGANI • Doctor in Social Anthropology and Ethnography (EHESS), researcher affiliated with the Social Anthropology Laboratory of the Collège de France (LAS)

In French only

N°17 - May 2018

Influence of the security environment on the humanitarian dynamic in Gado Badzere in the North of Cameroon

• Author: Pierre Boris N'NDE • Doctor in Urban Anthropology (Laval University, Quebec)

  In French only

N°16 - May 2018

Humanitarian workers and Journalists in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo: a negotiated friendship

• Author: Marie FIERENS • Doctor in Information and Communicatiion Sciences, member of the Research Center for Information and Communication Sciences (ReSIC) at the Université libre de Bruxelles

N°15 - May 2018

Humanitarian improvisation: potential and limitations of citizen solidarity in the migrant camps in Calais and Paris

• Author : Marjorie GERBIER-AUBLANC • Doctor in Sociology, researcher affiliated to the CEPED, at the Université Paris Descartes

N°14 - March 2018

Towards a concerted plan to remove children from the streets of Saint-Louis, Senegal: humanitarian transition and the ethical principle of autonomy

• Author : Jeanne SEMIN • Doctor in Anthropology, Researcher at the Institut des Mondes Africains (IAMf)

N°13 - March 2018

Peace Committees for Conflict Resolution in Casamance: from popular illusion to political denial

• Author: Alvar JONES SANCHEZ • Doctor in Social Anthropology, Associate Member of the Centre for Afro-Hispanic Studies at UNED

N° 12 - February 2017

NGOs as spaces of governance: from an ethnography of practice to an ethnography of the constraints on autonomy

• Authors: Sadio BA GNING / Kelly POULET •  Lecturer in Sociology at the Université Gaston-Berger of Saint-Louis in Senegal / Doctor in Sociology at the Université Picardie Jules-Verne d’Amiens, CURAPP-ESS