On March 27th, the Fondation Crédit Coopératif launched its new five-year programme, marked by a convivial evening event. Following on from previous editions, this programme aims to develop awareness and recognition of the social economy, on the basis of three major axes: exploring, inspiring, and transforming.

Hugues Sibille, President of the Fondation Crédit Coopératif, and M. Christophe Vernier, the Secretary-General, took the opportunity to announce the launch of the new partnership with the French Red Cross Foundation. Convinced of the importance of research in the social sciences and humanities to explore the social economy and support innovation, our two foundations will be leading a postdoctoral programme together, the aim of which will be to explore the role of the social economy in the management of the migrant crisis in Europe.

We hope that this collaboration between our institutions will contribute to the reinforcement of collaborations between civil society organisations, academics, and the private sector.

See our call for applications for a postdoctoral fellowship “The Social and Solidarity Economy and Migration, supported by the Fondation Crédit Coopératif.

In the photo, from left to right: Virginie Troit (General Director of the French Red Cross Foundation), Hugues Sibille (President of the Fondation Crédit Coopératif), Christophe Vernier (Secretary-General of the Fondation Crédit Coopératif), and Françoise Fromageau (Vice President of the French Red Cross Foundation).


Photo credit: ©Lionel Moreau 2018