The Devenir Humanitaire collection, edited by the Foundation at Karthala Editions, is a series of bilingual books on the topic of humanitarian transition, each with a country focus. Based on calls for papers launched by academic institutions, each volume contains comparative articles by researchers and operational agents, based on reflections begun during the Foundation’s international conference in the country in question. Thanks to the editor’s publishing network, these volumes are available in France, but also in a wide network of bookstores throughout Africa.

The Red Cross Foundation is pleased to present the fifth volume of the “Devenir Humanitaire” series, entirely dedicated to the analysis of the humanitarian transition in Cameroon. The result of a collaboration between international organizations, social science academics, national NGOs, and state and territorial actors, this work offers a unique perspective on the complex challenges faced by the country.

This collective volume continues several scientific activities conducted in Cameroon, including the international seminar “Humanitarian Transition: Actors, Issues, Ethics” held on November 14 and 15, 2018, in Yaoundé by the French Red Cross Foundation, the Cameroonian Red Cross, the Catholic University of Central Africa, and the Research Institute for Development. During these two days of exchange, participants initiated an essential dialogue on the evolution of humanitarian needs, the transformations of crises, and humanitarian responses.

Continuing this dialogue, this work compiles articles, testimonies, and interviews. The contributors, predominantly Cameroonian, offer various perspectives on the humanitarian crises in the country, using analyses from different social science disciplines. More specifically, the volume focuses on the actors and practices at the heart of responding to the needs of the most vulnerable populations, particularly the displaced. It highlights the need for an inclusive debate and equitable dissemination of knowledge, advocating for renewed reflection on the humanitarian sector with strengthened partnerships with the academic sector in Cameroon and worldwide. Finally, the volume is co-directed by Marie-Thérèse Mengue, professor of sociology at the Catholic University of Central Africa, and Virginie Troit, the general director of the French Red Cross Foundation. “Humanitarian Transition in Cameroon” thus addresses everyone involved in the field of humanitarian aid, inviting collective reflection to build a more resilient and equitable future for communities affected by crises.