The Devenir Humanitaire collection, edited by the Foundation at Karthala Editions, is a series of bilingual books on the topic of humanitarian transition, each with a country focus. Based on calls for papers launched by academic institutions, each volume contains comparative articles by researchers and operational agents, based on reflections begun during the Foundation’s international conference in the country in question. Thanks to the editor’s publishing network, these volumes are available in France, but also in a wide network of bookstores throughout Africa.

Dedicated to the analysis of the Humanitarian Transition in Lebanon, this 4th volume of the Devenir Humanitaire collection is the result of the meeting of international organisations, social science academics, national and transnational NGOs, state and territorial actors. Gathered in Beirut on 15 and 16 November 2017 by the French Red Cross Foundation, the Lebanese Red Cross and Saint Joseph University, they opened a dialogue on the transformations of humanitarian needs and practices, the principles that guide them and the challenges that each one must face.

Through articles, testimonies and interviews, this book offers different perspectives on the historical and regional context, the interactions and roles played by civil society actors, and then focuses on the changes in view of the most recent migratory movements.

Underlining the need for a more inclusive debate and a more egalitarian dissemination of knowledge on humanitarian action, the contributions collated in this volume support a refl ection on the meaning of humanitarianism.

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