Launched in 2016, Alternatives Humanitaires is a bilingual (French/English) review with an international vocation supported by the French Red Cross Foundation alongside other foundations (see list). The journal publishes 3 issues per year, each with a specific thematic focus.

Alternatives Humanitaires is available in free access in its digital or paper version, by annual subscription or single-issue purchase at :

Latest issues :

N° 24, mars 2023

N°24 alternative humanitaire

Special edition “Central America: A forgotten subcontinent?

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N° 23, July 2023

Special Edition “International humanitarian law : the great step… backwards”

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N° 22, mars 2023

Special edition ” Mental health : from awareness to action”

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N°21, novembre 2022

Special edition “India: a humanitarian countermodel ?”

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N°20, July 2022

Special edition “Associative freedoms at risk : the test of strength”

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N° 19, March 2022

Special edition “Moving away from childhood as icon : an ethical and operational requirement”

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N°18, November 2021

Special edition”Migration and nationalisms: what path for NGOs?”

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N°17, July 2021

Special edition “Research and humanitarian aid: the challenges of a collaboration”

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N° 16, March 2021

Special  edition “Gender-based and sexual violence”

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N° 15, November 2020

Special edition  “COVID-19: Lessons learned and future challenges”

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N° 14, July 2020

Special edition “Covid-19: impacts in the humanitarian field”

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N° 13, March 2020

Special edition “Generations: break point or fresh start ?”

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N° 12, November 2019

Alternatives humanitaires - N° 12 - Nov 2019

Special  edition “Demography”

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N° 11, July 2019

Alternatives humanitaires - N° 11 - Juillet 2019

Special edition “Climate change”

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N° 10, March 2019

Alternatives humanitaires - N° 10 - Mars 2019

Special edition “The urban bomb”

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N° 9, November 2018

Alternatives humanitaires N°9 Novembre 2018

Special edition “1968-2018 “Breackdown and continuity”

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N° 8, July 2018

Special edition “new technologies”

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N° 7, March 2018

Special edition “NGOs and the private sector 2” 

with the contribution of Pierre Boris N’nde

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N° 6, November 2017

Special edition “NGOs and the private sector”

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N° 5, July 2017

Couverture d'Alternative Humanitaire n°5

Special edition “Africa”

With the contribution of Sadio Ba Gning, Kelly Poulet, Christiane Rafidinarivo et Arnaud Dandoy

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N° 4, March 2017

Couverture d'Alternative Humanitaire n°4

Special edition “Syria”

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N° 3, November 2016

Couverture d'Alternative Humanitaire n°3

Special edition “Forced migration”

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N° 2, May 2016

Couverture d'Alternative Humanitaire n°2

Special edition “World Humanitarian Summit”

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N° 1, February 2016

Couverture d'Alternative Humanitaire n°1

Special edition “Ebola”

With the contribution of Eleanor Davey and Thomas Fouquet

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