The Foundation has decided to extend the eligibility of its research fellowships to non-French-speaking researchers in exile in France, when they are hosted in the framework of university reception schemes, such as the PAUSE programme (Programme d’accueil en urgence des scientifiques en exil).

Following the launch of its “Emergency Ukraine” research programme, the Foundation has so far selected 7 research projects aimed at studying the conditions of reception in France of people who have fled Ukraine due to the international armed conflict with Russia since February 2022.

Among these projects is that of Tetiana Stoianova, an associate professor at the Law Academy of the National University of Odessa, who has been in exile in France since the beginning of the conflict, and who has been hosted by the University of Grenoble Alpes within the framework of the PAUSE programme, a scheme that allocates incentive funding to public higher education establishments and public research organisations planning to host scientists in exile.

To conduct her research entitled “Improving the integration of Ukrainian refugees in France and the reduction of psychological violence”, Tetiana will be supported by her tutor, Hans Rocha IJzerman, lecturer in psychology at Grenoble Alpes University.

“Having received temporary protection in France and the opportunity to conduct research in psychological sciences at the University of Grenoble-Alpes, I feel the need and the desire to be of some useful value, while at the same time feeling that I have the experience to do so”

Tetiana Stoianova, laureate of the call “Temporary protection and sustainable reception of Ukrainian exiles in France: risks, vulnerabilities and resilience”

The Foundation encourages researchers in exile, of all nationalities and benefiting from these hosting programmes, to apply to our calls on their research areas.

Top photo credit: Marc-Olivier Paquin / UNSPLASH