The Pratiques & Humanités series regroups synthetic documents that aim to communicate the results of research supported in the form of a 4-page leaflet. Its goal is to make these results more accessible, in a clear style, without the use of jargon or overly theoretical terms, and with a focus on the practical implications of the research results for humanitarian or social actors.

N°15 - November 2022

The humanitarian economy: a trap for urban food security

Roberta RUBINO, PhD in Ethnology and Social Anthropology at EHESS, postdoctoral fellow at the UMR "Development and Society" of IEDES, University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, in partnership with IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement)   In French only, translation in progress

N°16 - November 2022

The most vulnerable to the dangers of polluted water

Aude STURMA, sociologist of the environment, contractual researcher CNRS - CERTOP   In French only, translation in progress

N°17 - November 2022

Medical evacuation: the patient experience

Alice SERVY, lecturer in anthropology at the University of Strasbourg, attached to the "Societies, Actors, Government in Europe" Laboratory.   In French only, translation in progress

N°14 - November 2022

Shelter organizations face sustainable refugee settlement

Nicole Tabet, Architect and urban planner, PhD in Geography, Associate researcher at the Laboratoire Territoires, Villes, Environnement et Société of the University of Lille   In French only, translation in progress

N°13 - October 2022

Aging well among isolated migrants: a new challenge for health prevention

Gloria FRISONE, docteure en anthropologie sociale et ethnologie (EHESS), chercheuse associée du CESPRA et enseignante d’anthropologie médicale à l’Université de Milan-Bicocca.   In French only, translation in progress

N°8 - Septembre 2022

Volunteers: why and what for?

Bénédicte BONZI, docteure en anthropologie, EHESS, éducatrice spécialisée de formation.   In French only, translation in progress  

N°12 - October 2022

Exiled women facing denial of rights and gender-based violence

Nina SAHRAOUI, sociologue, mène le projet de recherche Marie Sklodowska-Curie CYBERGEN au GTM-CRESPPA (CNRS).   In French only, translation in progress

N°10 - October 2022

Migrants’ access to rights as seen by SSE actors

Cristèle BERNARD, docteure en science politique et chercheure associée au CERDAP (UGA/Science Po Grenoble)   In French only, translation in progress

N°9 - September 2022

Supporting the social connection of elderly migrants with digital inclusion

Emmanuel NIYONSABA, docteur en sociologie, Université Le Havre Normandie   In French only, translation in progress

N°7 - September 2022

Civic service by and for refugees: a new challenge for popular education and migrant support associations

Florence IHADDADENE, docteure en sociologie, maîtresse de conférences en sociologie, université de Picardie Jules Verne, CURAPP, chercheure associée à l'IDHE.S   In French only, translation in progress